Adaptive lighting

Brighten shadows, overcome backlighting, and tame excessive contrast

Once you discover the illumination and tone controls in Photo Ninja, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. These controls access a remarkable adaptive lighting engine that can pull detail from shadows, overcome backlighting, tame aggressive highlights, and compress excessive contrast -- all without flattening detail and without halo artifacts. This state-of-the-art technology intelligently compresses dynamic range while yielding pleasing, natural-looking results.

Example 1

Photo courtesy of Mark van Dam

Even though the sun is directly behind the groom in this image, Photo Ninja's illumination and highlight controls nicely overcome the backlighting, and the default color enhancement yields a pleasing result.

Example 2

Photo courtesy of Mark van Dam

Another strongly backlit image. Note the balance achieved between foreground and background, and the natural appearance despite aggressive enhancement.

Example 3

An indoor scene, underexposed but with significant detail recoverable from the shadows.

Example 4

In this shot, the contrast was too high and there are hot spots on the cheeks. Photo Ninja's illumination control is able to even out the lighting and salvage the image.

Example 5

Red-tailed hawk, west Texas. Strong outdoor backlighting overcome with illumination adjustment.

Example 6

This indoor scene shows how Photo Ninja can overcome strong backlighting and utilize the full dynamic range of current cameras. The shadows are lightened up substantially, yet the image appears natural, and transition areas are free of halos.