Download Photo Ninja 1.4.0d

Released August 16, 2021

The Photo Ninja software may be downloaded and installed free of charge. However, the Render and File Save operations are disabled unless you purchase and install a license key, available through our online store.

TRIAL LICENSE: You can request a two-week trial license key by sending an email request to

Download links

If in doubt, download the SSE4.2 version. The AVX2 version will crash on non-AVX2 processors. AVX2-capable processors include Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9 and Xeon processors since 2014 (code name "Haswell" or later), and AMD Excavator and Zen processors since around 2014.

Canon CR3 support is currently targeted for V1.4.1. In the meantime, you can convert CR3 to DNG with Adobe's free DNG converter, and Photo Ninja can process the DNGs. (If you enable "Fast Load Data" in DNG, then you should use V1.4.0d to avoid possible color casts.)

Changes for V1.4.0/V1.4.0d

For a history of changes, click here.


Step-by-step tutorials with screenshots are available here. Please take advantage of these, they should get you up and running quickly. The tutorials can also be accessed by choosing "View online tutorials" from the "Help" menu of Photo Ninja.

Additional documentation is available from the Help menu of Photo Ninja. Also, "Help" buttons are available in a number of dialogs and filter panels.

Camera support is described here.

Latest pre-release

There is no current pre-release, but check here from time to time.

Archived versions of Photo Ninja

Older versions of Photo Ninja are archived here.