Global presets and defaults

Global presets allow you to and apply preconfigured settings for multiple filters at once. In addition, when you open an image, a designated default preset is applied. Global presets are accessed through the "Preset..." button above the master filter list, and defaults are configured with the "Defaults..." button:

When you click on the "Preset..." button, the Global Preset dialog appears:

The builtin profiles typically include settings for color enhancement, global contrast, detail enhancement, and chroma noise reduction:

To create a new preset, launch the Presets dialog and click on the "Save..." button. This will display another dialog where you can specify what settings to include in the new preset:

You can use the Defaults panel to change the default global preset and some other settings. You can choose different presets for RAW, unprocessed JPEG, and unprocessed TIFF:

Photo Ninja uses heuristics to try to identify unprocessed JPEG and TIFF files (that is, files that haven't already been edited). For processed JPEG/TIFF, the Neutral style is applied.

NOTE: When you first install Photo Ninja, the default global preset is set to "Portrait Low" for RAW files, and to "Neutral" for JPEG/TIFF.

NOTE: If you create a global preset, consider whether it will be used only for special uses or for a broad range of images. If you intend the preset for general use, you might want certain filters to be set to automatic ("Smart Preset") mode.