Distortion correction

Fix lens and geometry distortions

For achitecture or other subjects where straight lines need to be straight, Photo Ninja offers a lens correction filter that can repair the complex distortion typical of modern zoom and wide-angle lenses. The correction model is mathematically derived from optics theory, and it is powerful enough to correct combined fisheye, pincushion/barrel, and "moustache" distortion with only a few parameters.

A convenient alignment tool takes the guesswork out of manual adjustment. With this tool, you place several points along an edge that is supposed to be straight, and Photo Ninja automatically calculates the optimal correction settings. The settings can be saved in a smart preset that automatically retrieves the appropriate correction based on the EXIF lens type, focal length, and focus distance.

Photo Ninja also includes perspective and rotation controls, to correct keystoning (converging parallel lines) and to level horizons.

Example 1

This shot, from a Canon 24-105/4.0L at 24mm on a full-frame camera body, is a good example of moustache distortion. Along the top edge, the image shows barrel distortion in the center portion, transitioning to pincusion distortion in the far left and right. In the corrected version, Photo Ninja has effectively removed the distortion.

Example 2

Keystoning is common in architectural images without use of special tilt-shift lenses. In this image, from the ancient Forum in Rome, the pillars appear stronger and more solid after application of Photo Ninja's perspective correction filter.